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Bio-based n-Butanol

CAS# 71-36-3
BioPure nC4-OL™, Standard, Liquid, 1 Gal Can
    • $40.00
BioPure™ nC4-OL, Standard, Liquid, 5 Gal Pail
    • $100.00
N-butanol, Standard, Liquid, 370# Drum
    • $400.00
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Details Specs and MSDS
  1. Renewable n-butanol is 100% bio-based and produced through fermentation of agriculturally derived sugars by Green Biologics proprietary Clostridium microbial biocatalysts. As Green Biologics n-butanol is selectively produced by bacteria, and not by processing petroleum distillates, they are capable of providing higher quality material that contains none of the common contaminants of traditional routes (isobutanol and aldehydes) as well as low water content. Molecularly identical to petro-butanol, renewable n-butanol is a four carbon alcohol that is clear, colorless, flammable and neutral liquid with a characteristic banana-like odor.
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Bio-based n-Butanol

Bio-based n-Butanol