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CAS# 56-81-5
Glycerine, USP 99.7% Kosher, Liquid, 5 Gal Pail
    • $185.50
Glycerine, USP 99.7% Kosher, Liquid, 551.15# Drum
    • $686.19
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Details Specs and MSDS
  1. Glycerine, Glycerin or Glycerol are three names for one of the most versatile and safest chemicals available. Pick up any cosmetic, OTC medicine or personal care product and chances are extremely high that you will find glycerine as an ingredient. And Glycerine is also used in numerous industrial applications including among others,  Lube and Grease production, Textile processing and Polyurethane manufacture. The Glycerine in the Acme Store is veg based, coming from palm. Manufactured by KLK.

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